Jamie Sink, Program Director


The 2016/17 school year will mark the start of my fourth year as Director of the Leawood Baptist Preschool and Parent's Day Out Program. I have loved every minute of being a part of this wonderful program, especially getting to know the families and staff.

Prior to coming to Leawood Baptist, I worked in the classroom as a four-year-old preschool teacher for six years. The energy the children brought to the classroom really solidified my love of working in the early childhood field. My degree is actually in Elementary Education, and  my initial classroom experience was in teaching first and second grade. 

Jan Akin, Toddler Teacher

Education: Johnson County Community College and Baylor University
34 years of childcare experience
22 years at Leawood Baptist Parent's Day Out

I'm a woman of faith, a wife, a mom, and a GMa.
A day with a child is full of laughter, adventure, learning, hope, and love.

Dawn Branstetter, Infant Teacher

My husband, Henry, and I have four children — our oldest son 38, son and daughter twins 33, and youngest daughter 31. We have four grandchildren. They are such a blessing. 

I have worked at LBC since 2002 and have worked in the infant room most of that time, with some time in the 2-year-old room. 

I Armour Heights Baptist Church and enjoy spending time with my grandchildren, family, and friends. I also enjoy gardening, camping, music, and music festivals.

Michele Watters, Infant Teacher

14 years of school, with an Associate's Degree in Applied Science
25 years experience and continuing education courses in early childhood
25 years at LBC

I have been married 40 years and have three children. I enjoy watching children become excited about learning new things and seeing their wonder in God's world. 

Jessy Miller, 3-year-old Preschool Teacher

I am excited to teach with the Leawood Baptist staff for the third year.

I grew up in Valley Falls, Kansas with two older sisters. My dad is an attorney in town and my mom a first-grade teacher. I graduated from Kansas State University in 2003 with my B.S. in Elementary Education. Since graduation, I have been a nanny for three families, a 4-year-old preschool teacher, and a kindergarten teacher. 

My husband, Trevor, and I were married in December 2011 and welcomed our son, Morgan, in May 2013, and our son, Lincoln, in October 2014

Amy Coleman, 4-year-old Preschool Teacher

I am excited and honored to have the privilege of working with your preschooler this year!

This is my 13th year of teaching. I started my career as a kindergarten teacher at Académie Lafayette, a French immersion charter school in Kansas City. From there, I taught high school French at Harrisonville High School for six years. For the last four years, I have been teaching French online to elementary, middle, and high school students. 

I love teaching at all levels but believe most strongly in the power of early childhood education. It is this early experiences that lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. I plan on cultivating that love of learning with your preschooler this year. 

Juli Belk, 3-year-old Preschool Teacher

 I earned my Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from the University of Missouri St. Louis. I’ve worked with 2’s, 3’s and Pre-K. I also have experience with special needs children. One of our son’s has special needs.

My husband, Steve and I have 4 boys. Tyler is 25, Austin is 23, Dylan is 21 and Kyle is 18.

We also have a dog named Caitlin, a rat named Dwyer and a gecko. I enjoy reading, baking, Jazzercise and watching my boys play sports.

Mia McClanahan, Toddler Teacher

Education: Johnson County Schools
20 years of experience in childcare
12 years at Leawood Baptist

Being in childcare is rewarding and an exciting adventure. It feels nice to know you've touched so many lives.

Diane Fleming, 3-year-old Preschool Teacher

Cheryl Miller, Toddler and Infant Teacher

I worked at Leawood Baptist in the early 2000s for quite a few years and then left to see if the grass was greener on the other side...and found out it wasn't. I was fortunate to be able to return and bring my grandbabies. 

I have raised four amazing children and now have been blessed with grandchildren. My daughter Kaley, 28, graduated from ESU and now works at St. Luke's. Ryan, 23, graduate from Arkansas and is now getting his Master's in Sports Science. Anthony, 20, just finished his second year at JCCC and was drafted to play in the minor leagues for the Cleveland Indians. And my youngest daughter, Kobi, 18, gust graduated from Blue Valley Southwest and is going to FIT in New York. 

My husband and I are very active and enjoy our free time. We love to travel, root for the Royals, and support our family in any way we can. I enjoy working with kids and my coworkers here at LBC. 

Taralyn Haley, Toddler Teacher

Katie Pratt, --year-old Preschool Assistant Teacher

I have been working in Early Childhood for the last ten years, including seven years working in the Shawnee Mission School District in Early Childhood Special Education.  I love to travel and see different cultures and enjoy speaking Spanish.  I love everything KU Jayhawks and will finish my degree in Early Childhood Education at KU when my associates degree is complete at JCCC.  My favorite thing about working with children is the look they give when they learn something new.

Whitney Holloway, Toddler Teacher


My name is Whitney Holloway. I grew up in Louisiana & was the second youngest of six kids. When I was 22, I moved to Dallas where I met my husband. We have 3 kids, Flash, our high energy 4 & a half year old & 2 year old twin girls, Ollie & Brody. We were relocated here just after the twins were born, due to my husbands job & we know this is exactly where we should be. We love how family oriented this area is & I love exploring our new surroundings. I can't wait to get to know all of the staff and families. 


Betsi Cobb, Toddler Teacher


Betsi earned her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development from Kansas State University, her Master of Science in Early Childhood Special Education from the University of Kansas, and her Master of Science in School Leadership Administration from Baker University. Betsi worked full time from 2006 to 2014 in the Shawnee Mission School District as an Early Childhood Special Education teacher both in the classroom and in the community. She was the assigned teacher on the Leadership team while completing the districts Career Advancement Program.

"I have two children; Parker, age 6 and Ivy, age 2. We have a small dog, Bella, who we consider part of the family too!  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling, gardening, and working out."